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I had been on the search for the ultimate water bottle. There were a few features that were a must. Although I love glass water bottles, in theory, they don’t fare well in actual practice when you have a curious toddler around. I’m still picking glass out of the carpet. So, with this in mind, I began my search with BPA-free plastic bottles. I moved on to a large plastic bottle with a handy flip-top lid. It was fantastic that the lid was easy to open… but that meant the aforementioned toddler could open it too. Next! My water bottle goes with me everywhere. I need it to fit easily into the cup-holders in our car and our stroller. It becomes an accessory, so it also needs to be lightweight and look great.

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So I did my research. I sought out opinions. I discovered KOR. I purchased a 500 mL in Ice Blue. The bottles are beautiful, lightweight, sturdy, available in two sizes, fit snugly into all our cup-holders, have a locking lid, and did I mention they look great? They’re seriously beautiful! Since getting my KOR Delta, I have been stopped on my walk, at the farmers’ market and at a fair so that people could ask me where I got my bottle… ahem… I mean “hydration vessel.” 

They also have a fun little feature called KOR Stones. These are little tokens with mantras printed on them that are placed under the lid. It’s a nice little reminder every time you drink from them… inspiration with every sip! The bottles come with “Be the Change” and “Imagine.” You can buy more stones on their website.

Pros: Lightweight yet sturdy; covered hygienic cap; comfortable drinking spout; locking easy-open cap; cushioned base; easy to clean; stylish, priced similarly to comparable bottles

Cons: The use of “hydration vessel” instead of water bottle is a bit annoying; some people may prefer the more traditional sport-bottle style sipper over the Delta’s drinking spout; reviewers on Amazon complained that the cap hinge broke easily if the bottle was dropped; a few have had issues with the locking mechanism on the cap; in hot conditions the water may take on a slightly odd flavor, but this is a common issue with plastic water bottles.

Overall Rating


 KOR Delta incorporates everything they’ve learned about the art of high style, high-performance hydration. It’s an on-the-go vessel with a confident personality and groundbreaking new features. The versatile Delta features an easy-to-open, push button cap with ergonomic handle, KOR’s Perfect Spout™, and a new safety latch for worry-free closure. The cap and vessel separate with a simple twist for easy cleaning. ($19.95 for 500 mL; $22.95 for 750 mL)

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