I have talked before of my love of tea. Discovering a fun little local tea shop with my mom really cultivated that love… that’s when I discovered how much better loose leaf teas taste and I got an education in the benefits of teas. One thing that was missing was a tea diffuser that I truly loved. In that quest for the right product, I was given the opportunity to review the Leaffusion.


You can see just from the pictures that this diffuser is something unique. This isn’t your typical metal mesh ball prone to rusting and boring to look at. The base of the Leaffusion is made of stainless steel. The top leaf-shaped “handle” is made of silicone. You place your tea into the stainless steel strainer bottom and push on the silicone top. No fiddling with little hooks or twisting a cap on. It’s perfect for those who are groggy before their first cup of tea in the morning. 

The diffuser works like a pretty typical strainer with a little issue. It does take some time for the water to filter into the diffuser, which I think is due to the hollow section of the handle… the air gets trapped and you need to gently force the diffuser into the cup. Tipping it slightly sideways sped up the process.

The holes are a bit large, which I think is an attempt to help with the issue I mentioned above. If you use teas with lots of very small pieces, you are likely to notice some floating about in your cup. Most of the teas that I use were large enough for this to be no more of a problem than it is with every other tea diffuser I’ve used. I ended up with cup after cup of otherwise perfectly brewed tea.

The handle is my favorite feature. It adds a whimsical touch that would work well with many settings. It’s not only cute, but a functional handle that stays cool to the touch. You can easily maneuver the diffuser and remove it to the included tray… another convenient feature… without mess.

This has been the single most easy to clean diffuser I’ve used. It wiped out quickly in the sink. It was easy to get to every inner space to clean and the tea leaves didn’t cling to the strainer part. I was also able to run it through the top shelf of our dishwasher without noticeable damage.

The few problems aside, I’ve found the tea diffuser. It suits my needs and my personality. I recommend this for a tea lover looking for some whimsy in their daily cup.

Pros: Clever design. Makes great tea. Convenient handle and tray keeps mess at bay. Washes easily… the materials are even dishwasher safe.

Cons: Not great for finer loose tea.

Overall Rating


Steep individual servings of loose leaf or herbal tea with an easy-to-use tea infuser that feels good in your hand and looks great in your cup. Loose leaf and herbal teas provide variety, flavor intensity, and health benefits that you simply don’t find in pre-packaged teabags. But a traditional “tea ball” infuser can be flimsy, messy to use, and tough to clean. The Leaffusion offers a more elegant solution so you can experience tea at its best. (Buy on Amazon)


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