Cooking outdoors is somewhat of a mystery to most of us that stay indoors in our comfortable kitchen ranges. After all, the only thing you have outside is a grill and nothing more. You don’t have an oven and you’ll have to walk in and out of your kitchen just to use a food processor or find a suitable surface to cut up some meats and vegetables.

However, with summer coming in a couple of months, we can use this time to practice our outdoor cooking skills in preparation for the inevitable holiday parties and family gatherings. Cooking outside is an acquired taste, but it’s one of the most enjoyable and refreshing ways to cook once you get the hang of it. So to help you grip the basics and fall in love with your grill here is some essential barbecue equipment that you shouldn’t be without.


1. A Grill

This is obvious, but if you don’t have an outdoor grill then how can you barbecue anything? Grills can be extremely cheap. You can even buy portable disposable grills, but if you want to take it seriously then you should invest in an expensive grill with all the features and warranty that you can fit. There are many traeger grills for sale if you know where to look. They offer a great mix of value and features and they’re perfect for beginners. Most expensive grills also last a long time—as long as you give it sufficient protection and maintain it properly, it will last you many summers.

2. Compostable Paper Plates

You can be friendly to the environment and get your kids involved with the cooking and plating process with some compostable paper plates. When you use your fancy plates and cutlery, you risk them breaking when kids are running around knocking things over, or when adults are bumping into your flimsy garden furniture. Surprisingly, one of the reasons that many people can’t get into using their grill is because they don’t want to risk damaging their dining equipment, but it’s a silly reason since you can just resort to paper plates.

3. Proper Garden Furniture

There’s no point having a barbecue if you and your guests have to sit on uncomfortable and flimsy plastic chairs. Invest in a set of sturdy garden furniture and protect it from the weather with an overhead awning and you’ll be surprised at how comfortable it is to sit and eat in the sun. Your bottom will thank you, and your guests will be happy that they can sit down on something relaxing instead of standing up or rocking back and forth on flimsy chairs.

4. Meat Thermometer

This is a crucial tool if you’re still learning the ropes with grilling. If you aren’t used to checking how well done a piece of meat is, then simply stick in a meat thermometer and judge how cooked it is based on temperature. You can’t just stick the thermometer anywhere, however, so it’s a good idea to look up a guide on how to properly read and use a thermometer before you start poking holes into your food.

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