In the end, journal prompts are about diving deep and exploring your own mind. We’re getting a bit deeper with today’s question. I would love to hear your own responses too!

What is one thing you learned about yourself last year?

I hate to drag on with the weight loss thing again, but this was a big one for me… I learned that my current state of body affairs is not a permanent one. I can lose weight!


For those who aren’t aware, I was injured many years ago in a work accident. When my burns were not healing properly and itching like a son of a gun, the doctor put me on a pretty intense prednisone therapy. My weight jumped 100 pounds in six months’ time. I spent the following decade trying desperately to lose the weight. I could probably count on one hand the days I ate over 1500 calories in a day. I followed all the popular recommendations of low-fat, lots of veggies, and lots of water. I only gained.

Last year, while watching My 600-Pound Life, I grew curious about the low-carb diet the doctor put his patients on. I knew a bit about Atkins from family members that had followed the plan when I was young. It turns out Dr. Atkins was on to something. I hesitated because I wasn’t a big fan of meats, but I quickly learned there was more to the diet. I eat more vegetables than I did as a vegetarian and foods finally taste good again. I can enjoy eating and still lose!


Over the next couple months, I dropped 40 pounds! It wasn’t just the weight loss though… I felt amazing. After a decade of starving myself, tracking every bite, working myself until it hurt, and minimal success, it was so good to see that scale significantly drop. I did get a bit discouraged and had a setback when people were not noticing the changes in me. It resulted in a temporary gain of 15 pounds, but I recommitted and am fully back on plan as of the day after Christmas. I’ve already lost nearly 5 pounds and that constant energy is back too.

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