Many moons ago, after watching many hours of a YouTuber play Sims, I decided to take the leap and buy Sims 4. It would turn out to be my favorite version of the Sims franchise. It would also be the first time I played a Sim family beyond the second generation. I decided to start sharing their stories here. I will start out with a quick backstory of the family up to the current generation and go into more detail in future generations. I hope you enjoy Sim Stories!

On that first day, I created a Sim named Misty Ambrose. Her name was a result of the new random name generator and her hair was a stunning shade of blue. She was a creative Sim that loved to sing. Misty lived in the bustling city of Sam Mishino and she worked as a police investigator. She was very happy, but she dreamed of love and a family.


Misty really struggled to find love. She went on a ton of dates with lovely eligible men, but it just never seemed to work. The spark wasn’t there. Then Candy came into her life… Candy with the vibrant pink hair and the personality to match. They hit it off immediately! There was no denying they were in love. They eloped soon after they met and adopted an adorable little red-headed daughter that they named Mindy (Misty + Candy).


They started out their life together in the city, where Misty continued working for the police force and Candy as a performer… but they knew they wanted a more family-friendly lifestyle. In time, they bought an adorable cottage on the island in Windenburg. This would be the family home for many years.


The story continues in the next Sim Stories post…

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