Today we continue the story with Mindy. If you missed the beginning of the Sim Stories, you can find Misty’s story here.

Little Mindy thrived in the small town. She was deeply loved and very intelligent. She grew into a beautiful young woman with the vibrant personality of her mothers. It showed in her decision to dye her hair blue as a teen. She didn’t share their more creative characteristics but instead thrived in business and science tasks.


She met Tetsu while still a child. They were instant friends and hung out constantly. Tetsu’s home life wasn’t wonderful… his mom was never home and he didn’t know his dad… so Mindy’s home was more like his true home. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but their friendship developed into a high school romance. Mindy, always a woman to know what she wants, surprised Tetsu with a proposal when they were taking a walk in the park.


The death of her mothers was very rough on Mindy. It was especially difficult because both passed on the very same day! This only strengthened Mindy’s desire to have her own family, though. Soon, she and Tetsu were expecting a little one of their own!


Mindy loved raising little Caty (named after her mothers – Candy and Misty) in the home she grew up in! Their stories continue soon…

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