Yesterday was finally nice enough and dry enough (as in not snowing or raining or some combination of the above) to take the Prince out for a walk around the neighborhood. What toddler can resist a puddle? Certainly not mine! Of course, he got a bit lazy and less splashy the moment I pulled out my camera…puddleprogression

I took this with my HTC phone camera using its ZOE feature. It allows you to shoot a short gif-like video and then play with the frames. In this case, it takes a few successive shots to create an effect of movement in a still shot. I love the different effects I’ve created with it.

I finalized the editing in PicMonkey, as usual. A little color correction, a crop here and there, added the Cross Process effect to get that greenish-blue sunny tone (which made it look more natural than the original photo), and then added the Photo Corners frame. 

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