I love candles. They set a great mood for many occasions. They can give an air of romance or add drama. But, alas, when you have kids and pets, you learn that nothing truly says drama like a flaming cat tail! It’s great to know companies are thinking of us parents and pet owners… like flameless options for keeping our loved ones safe while still getting a chance to enjoy the beauty of candlelight. Ohuhu gave me the opportunity to review their Real Wax Battery-Powered Flameless Color Changing Candles free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

These candles may be battery-powered, but they are actually constructed of real wax. You get the genuine texture of wax along with a hint of vanilla scent. When unlit, they look exactly like your typical wax candles… but these are not your momma’s candles!


It is amazing what a bit of technology can do for candles! It is so much fun to experiment with all of the different colors. It allows me to match my decor or my mood with just a click of a button on the remote. You can also set these to fluctuate between the many colors in a steady flow. I found I enjoyed getting each of the candles started at a separate time so that each was always a different color. It made a beautiful effect. In celebration of Independence Day, I set the candles to red, white, and blue. I’m looking forward to trying other color combinations for upcoming holidays. The pink, red and purple will be romantic for Valentine’s Day and the red and green will make a festive display in December.

There are two modes that allow the candles to be a steady light or a flickering effect. The flickering effect would be a little more realistic if there was a bit more variation in the flickering, but in all honesty I didn’t really expect true realism in color-changing candles.

Ordinarily I would drop a star for the crazy amount of batteries needed for these… three per candle… but the LED lights make excellent use of the battery power. My rechargeable batteries on a full charge are still going strong after nearly two weeks of daily use. I have used these for several hours a day while experimenting with all the various modes, settings, and colors. So, while the nine AAA batteries are a lot, they should last for a long time.

Overall a great set and I would recommend. I’d like to get more sets for around the house and these have already been added to the wishlists of a few family members that really liked them. At under $20, they’re definitely priced right for buying multiples and as gifts!


Be sure to drop by their website or Amazon store. They have a great selection of household products. They even make a set of flameless candles that you “blow” out! I will be showcasing their 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder in another review coming up very soon!

Pros: Real wax with faint vanilla scent. Multiple colors and modes for lots of variety. Remote controlled. Three great basic sizes in one package. Long-lasting. Safe for pets and kids.

Cons: Each candle takes three AAA batteries.

Overall Rating


This Ohuhu Wax candle lights emits mystic light, which is perfect for your living room, garden or even dining table for a romantic dinner. Also,this candle lights is extremely beautiful in the dark environment, which is excellent to create a romantic atmosphere. Besides, the remote control design enables you to change colours and control the timing function within 20 ft, so you do not need to roll out of your comfortable bed or sofa. (Buy on Amazon for $17.99)

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