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Mother’s Day is coming up on us fast and it’s time to explore some gift ideas for Mom. Many of us moms really enjoy the lovely scent of a well-made candle. The Lit Candles Artisan Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle meets that criteria!

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By now you all know that I love a well-packaged product, so I have to start off by saying that the Lit Candles Artisan Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle was so well wrapped that the postal worker could have drop-kicked it to our front door and it would have survived unharmed. As someone who has received more than a few packages with broken glass, this is really appreciated!

The Lit Candles Artisan Candle is poured into an adorable mayo-style glass jar with a metal lid. It could very easily be dressed up with a pretty ribbon and gifted as is or added to a basket full of goodies for a deserving mom. The jar itself is very basic and the glass is clear, so it would go well with many types of decor.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

Let’s be honest, the best part of any candle is the scent and the Lit Candles Artisan Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle has it in spades! I received the Pumpkin Spice Latte scent and it smelled good enough to eat. The scent was noticeable immediately after lighting the candle and filled the room within minutes.

The renewable, carbon-neutral, vegan soy wax has no preservatives or additives and is clean burning. It burned evenly with no tunneling. It appears to be long-lasting as well. I have burned it daily for several hours with no noticeable change in wax level or loss of scent. (Bonus points for being made right here in the US!)

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

My only minor issue was with how the “whipped cream” on top looked before burning. My husband didn’t put it as tactfully when he saw it, but I would say it looked like a puddle of toothpaste or something just got squirted on top. It didn’t give the most pleasant first impression. It melted quickly, so it was only an issue before lighting for the first time.

Pros: Amazing, long-lasting scent. Cute jar design. Vegan. Clean burning. Great Mother’s Day gift!

Cons: The accent of whipped cream looks odd.

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Overall Rating

Lit Candles are hand-poured and made of a soy wax blend for a strong throw. Each candle uses 100% soy wax produced from US grown soybeans. Natural flat cotton threads mixed with paper threads create the natural wick of these candles ensuring an eco-friendly and even burn. With a clear glass jar and jar cap for all our candles, these candles are dedicated to providing you with the best and strongest scents consistently. Handcrafted with a simple but fun look and appealing colors, styles & scents, these candles will compliment any style of home. ($30.00)

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