In the last installment of our legacy family’s story, we learned that life for Finley and Farrah got quite complicated and expensive so they moved back home with Finley’s parents Xander and Caty.


Xander and Caty had moved once again. The cottage had been a lovely place to live, but the earthquakes took their toll on Caty’s nerves and on the foundation of the cottage. They moved out to the desert town of Oasis Springs and put tons of effort into renovating a home. It was a paradise for two kids who had lived an early life of struggle. Grandpa Xander, a retired athlete, loved being there to raise the grandkids. It made the loss of his wife a bit easier to handle. She died young of a heart attack from… ummm… overexertion. 😉 (Okay, so it was sad but seriously a bit funny because I had never had a sim die from too much woohoo.)


Kade was a very responsible teen and an excellent big brother. He held a job at the local McSims, kept up on his studies, and was still there to help his little brother with homework. He also grew up to be quite the jokester. He loved a good pun and was always ready to make someone laugh. At the encouragement of his family, he pursued his dream of life as a stand-up comic.


Slade was a much more serious child… though his hair wasn’t an indicator of that. 😉 He was very poetic and artistic teen. He loved to read. Slade began writing at a very young age and never stopped.

In our next installment, we will follow Kade as an adult. Will he become successful as a comic? Will he find love? While you wait for the answer, catch up with the family or discover our other Sim Stories!

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