Selune is our little photogenic cat goddess. She loves to be on camera! Our petite little Pandora is not so fond of cameras, so you don’t get to see her so much. I will try to do a feature like this of her soon… if she cooperates with the “now” picture.

It’s by a mix-up that we ended up with Selune. The breeder had misidentified the sex of Tymora; the cat that we were to get. (It happens more than many realize.) We had a preference for  female, but Tymora turned out to be a male! Tymora is now living life happily as Boris… and we got our pick of the next litter. We instantly fell for a sweet little kitten with two different colored ears.

These are some of the first pictures we received of her…


It has been amazing to watch her colorations develop and to see how much her personality showed in those early photos. She did a lot of “talking” from a very young age and she’s still very vocal today. She’s a near spitting image of her mother and even has the same chirping voice.

And this is her today…


There are many times that the breeder has commented that she would have made a stunning queen/show cat. (Queens is the female breeding cats. Studs are the males.) I can definitely see why they feel that way. She is an amazing example of the Siberian breed. She also has the poise and mannerisms that make a great show cat… well, if you ignore those times when she’s around catnip or has the urge to sprawl about on her back with her furry bits exposed. 😉 Despite all that, I feel kind of happy that we saved her from a life of showing and breeding. It’s not all bad… the women that gave us Selune are amazing and kind people who exemplify what a breeder should be… but I like knowing that our Selune gets a life of leisure and cuddles. 🙂

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