{Through the Looking Glass} Owls

Okay, okay… so it has been pretty much two months since my last “daily” photo. I’ve been taking plenty of pictures, but I haven’t gotten around to doing the editing and post creating for each day. Today’s photo is an owl pillow art...

{Through the Looking Glass} Mugging

We were recently at A&W for lunch with Xander’s Nana (my mom). We went often when we were growing up… until A&W began to fade from existence around here. We were really excitedwhen they started t make a comeback. They have the best root beer!...

{Through the Looking Glass} Storm

Our area was hit by a surprise, freak storm last night. All of the weather reports called for a mild thunderstorm… but in the middle of the night we were hit by winds topping 100 miles per hour. The damage is crazy and spread over a huge area affecting numerous...

{Through the Looking Glass} Fever

We ended up taking Xander into the emergency room last night. He was warm to the touch, despite a normal reading on the thermometer. He was sleeping and we couldn’t wake him up. His heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. They ran a half dozen tests...

{Through the Looking Glass} Water Baby

We’ve been on vacation! It was definitely interesting trying to maintain this blog while I was away. My phone service was really sketchy and I found I had far less time to turn on the computer than I expected… not so much “leisure” time. We...
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