{Through the Looking Glass} Roses

A few years ago my husband and I completely ripped up the landscaping in our front yard. Everything was overgrown and many plants were sickly. The previous owners had obviously not made lawn care a top priority and the lawn reflected that. Picking the new plants was...

{Through the Looking Glass} Eczema Bites

The summer… time of bare feet and sandals… is taking its toll on my son. His eczema has really gotten awful. His feet are showing the worst of it. I swear I’m adding lotion, ointment, or Vaseline every 15 minutes and it does nothing! He uses the...

{Through the Looking Glass} Yikes!

I finally took the leap and went to an Android phone. It’s taking some adjusting, but I’m learning it quickly. I had to test out the camera’s abilities and see what the editing software was capable of doing with a photo. This photo is of my son...

{Through the Looking Glass} Sleepy Boys

My husband and son spent a lot of time outdoors today. They were doing yardwork. Well, it would be more accurate to say that Ross was attempting to do yardwork while chasing Xander around the yard trying to keep him from breaking himself or something else.  I guess it...

{Through the Looking Glass} Double Rainbow

We had a very heavy rain storm the other day. We were driving along the highway and had to slow down to a fraction of the speed limit… we couldn’t see a thing! Then suddenly it stopped and these two rainbows appeared. I edited this in an iPhone app called...
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