{Through the Looking Glass} Amusement

Today’s photo is actually a gallery of photos from our day at the amusement park and nature preserve. It was one of our rare chances to see my nieces. It’s always nice to see them, and I love to take pictures of everyone together. I edited everything in...

{Through the Looking Glass} Basket Case

Xander playing with his blocks in a basket. This game entertained him for a solid hour. I really need to rethink my toy buying strategy… perhaps start shopping in the home section? The photo came out a bit blurry, so I took some liberties with the editing. I...

{Through the Looking Glass} Movie Night

Ross was watching a movie… Return of Pink Panther or something equally scary 😉 … and Xander decided the best vantage point to join in was from Ross’ lap. He eventually dozed off on his perch. I edited this in PicMonkey. (I’m obsessed.) I added...

{Through the Looking Glass} A Graduation

Today we retired my son’s treasured sipper cups. They kind of… oh, ooops… fell into the trash. He wasn’t exactly broken up about it, because he had some fun new glasses to use. I found a set of four BPA-free glasses with lids and straws for...

{Through the Looking Glass} Cat Model

Another photo of our cat Selune. I would love to get more of Pandora, but she is not as cooperative as Selune. I think Selune was a supermodel in another life. 😉 I edited this one in PicMonkey. I cropped a bit out and then added the Daguerreotype frame which also...

{Through the Looking Glass} No Ambition

It was very warm here today. It seemed to zap away Xander’s energy for a bit. At one point he just sprawled out on the floor and made a half-hearted attempt to play with one of his toy trucks. This was edited with Pixlr-o-Matic. I used the Lucas filter, Beam...
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