{Through the Looking Glass} Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day since I was little has involved a trip to a local amusement park. Today was no exception… though it made for a chilly day. Xander loved the rides last year, but he was very hesitant to go on anything this year. After much coaxing, we...

{Through the Looking Glass} FitDesk

Well, it’s a happy Mother’s Day to myself! After months of working hard to earn over $250 in Amazon cards through Swagbucks plus a lovely visit from the Hobmother, I finally had enough to buy myself a FitDesk. The FitDesk is an exercise bike combined with...

{Through the Looking Glass} For Sale

I took a ton of very uninteresting photos today. I finally decided to tackle cleaning out my son’s closet… getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit him. I have stuff from size 3 months to 3T! I listed them all on a local mom group and sold only one...

{Through the Looking Glass} Sleep Is Beautiful

More pictures of sleeping. Xander finally slept last night and it felt wonderful to get a full night’s sleep. It took some convincing to get him to wake up this morning. Another PicMonkey edit. I cropped, applied the Lomo effect, and added the Museum Matte...

{Through the Looking Glass} Chef Xander

We have had a really rough weekend. Xander’s eczema flared up horribly with no explanation and he has not been sleeping at all… he’s too busy scratching. Nothing we do seems to bring relief, so we aimed to distract as much as possible. This meant he...

{Through the Looking Glass} Polaroid

I took several photos today that I was going to use as the photo of the day, but the last photo I took ended up being my favorite. Ross was getting Xander ready for bed and Xander was doing all he could to prolong the process. An amusing bit of mimicking and chatting...

{Through the Looking Glass} WordFoto

More playing around with iPhone apps. This one, called WordFoto, cost me $1.99, but I’m loving the possibilities! You upload a picture or basic artwork to the app. Then you choose words that represent that image. Those words are superimposed over the...
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