{Through the Looking Glass} Nosey

Just a quick post tonight. I need sleep! This is Selune’s nose. She was in my face while I was trying to knit… so I retaliated by taking a picture. It successfully got her to back off and I actually got to complete an entire round before she returned....

{Through the Looking Glass} A, B, C’s

Xander loves to play with his LeapPad2. One of his favorite games teaches you how to write the letters of the alphabet. He will curl up on the couch and play for hours… even when it gets dark. I used PicMonkey to edit this photo. I applied the Auto-Adjust first....

{Through the Looking Glass} Rummage Haul

This weekend was our neighborhood’s annual community rummage sale. We usually have around 100 families participating. I decided to skip having my own this year so that I could get out and shop the sales. I should have just had my own… I wasn’t really...

{Through the Looking Glass} Blue

I love our cat Selune’s eyes. They are an incredible blue color that doesn’t always come across well in photos. I finally caught that blue in true-to-life color! I first edited this photo with PicMonkey. I applied the Black and White filter and then used...

{Through the Looking Glass} Slots Adventure

Do you ever have one of those days? You know the kind… the one where you just can’t get yourself to do anything. I had one of those days today. I managed to finish exactly none of my checklist of posts that I need to write. I knitted one entire round of...

{Through the Looking Glass} Nim’s Island

I received the Return to Nim’s Island Blu-Ray that I won. It was some time ago, so I can’t remember which blogger. I would have loved to give credit! I’ve never seen Nim’s Island, but I’ve heard it was cute… so this gives me an...

{Through the Looking Glass} Rock Star

Just a sweet captured moment. He had grabbed my cap and tried it on. He looks so cute in it. He’s playing his guitar/ piano toy… always the little rock star. I used Pixlr-o-matic for iPhone to do the edits and wrote this post from WordPress mobile. Just...
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