Another year and the same ol’ resolution. I guess I don’t really make resolutions, per se… it’s just that the first day of each year feels like a great place to start fresh or begin something. I truly needed a fresh start this year. I’ve been getting so down about my struggles with weight and losing the oomph to keep fighting it. I slacked off a lot on exercise and diet the last several months. A lot of drama going on in the family plus health and financial issues put a lot of extra stress on all of us, which didn’t help. I don’t really expect this year to be less stressful… though it would be great if it were… but I do expect to find better ways to deal with it so that my own health doesn’t take a back burner. Aww heck, this past year I was lucky if my own health stayed on the stovetop at all!

Sooooo… my “no-resolutions, healthy lifestyle for the whole family, this is my life and not a diet” plan went into effect on the first of the year.

  • First, I want to be careful about the food that comes into the house. I want to keep it healthy and as close to fresh as possible. Ideally, I’ll avoid a lot of pre-packaged stuff, but I know that our budget and location means that I will have to make a few compromises. I don’t want to deprive everyone of sweet and treats, but we will seek out healthier options whenever possible. One big key to weight loss is tracking everything you eat. I’ve returned to SparkPeople for that and the great community of support.
  • I am also re-building my fitness routine. I’ve been slacking a lot and I feel like I need to start over completely. I found this really awesome free fitness calendar that builds up with each day of the year. To this calendar, I am adding alternating days of stationary biking, elliptical, and walking. I am starting out slowly with 10 minutes daily and building up as I feel stronger again. I have Xander joining me… he’s doing the fitness calendar (as best a five year old can), is biking around the living room, and will go with me for walks. I also want to add in a Yoga routine before February. It’s a very basic plan overall, but that helps keep it flexible and do-able for our whole family.

This is my year… I can feel it!

How about you? Any health goals for this year?

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