How many times have I restarted my journey of weight loss? I need to stop beginning again. I realize that it’s just one big journey with a lot of stumbling blocks and backtracking. As long as I keep moving forward overall, I’m headed in the right direction. Somewhere there is an end and I will get there… even if I’m taking the scenic route. 

I am kind of starting fresh in one big aspect. I know that one major factor in success is tracking everything. I’ve tried several apps seeking out the one that best suits me. I enjoy the SparkPeople website for their great information and wonderful community, but tracking my meals is a chore. My Fitness Pal is definitely right up there with ease of use, but I found I just didn’t have the motivation to stick to it.

So I tried another top-rated app called Lose It! and I’m enjoying how easy it is to track. The fun little food graphics amuse me. It has some handy graphs for tracking your progress. They also offered a discount yesterday for their premium membership and I decided to jump on board. Something about the financial obligation also adds motivation… and it’s cool that they don’t auto-renew, so I don’t have to worry about remembering a bill a year from now. This gave me access to challenges and groups to further add motivation. It’s almost a scaled-down version of SparkPeople. It’s not so overwhelming as their website and the app is way better.

So, I joined a few of the community challenges that begin on May 1st and I’m finally getting around to that New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I’m not planning to binge like crazy the next few days… tempting as it may be… but I’m making the 1st my official start date with Lose It! Let’s hope this one sticks and I can keep this journey moving forward! 

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