This year has not been going quite as I had hoped in terms of fitness. I have been dealing with some on and off breathing issues since around the new year. At first I thought it was just a bad cold… Xander seems to be bringing home a new bug every other day… but it got progressively more difficult to catch my breath when I tried to work out. I was maxing out at 10 minutes of pathetic workout levels.

asthma-938695_640You’d think with my family history that I would learn to just get my butt into the doctor, but my existing doctor had moved and I needed to set up a new doctor. My husband’s insurance company is also currently in negotiation with the largest network in this area and it will likely mean switching doctors again in a few months. It’s difficult enough to find the right doctor under normal circumstances, but I also get some pretty bad anxiety when I’m in a doctor’s office. I just didn’t want to find someone great and have to find another doctor when July rolls around. I had convinced myself this would pass. When the difficulty breathing woke me up at night, I finally broke down and called in.

Luckily I ended up with a pretty awesome Nurse Practitioner who shares a lot of my philosophy on medicine, listens really well, and was just easy-going. Boy do I hope those insurance negotiations go well so I can keep her! Anyhoo, she suspected pneumonia at first, but my lungs came back clear. Looks like that “borderline asthma” I was diagnosed with a few years ago reared its ugly head again. (I think most doctors call it exercise-induced asthma, but that’s not quite accurate here either.) I gained major respect for my new NP when she outright said she wanted me to only take the asthma meds until a week or so after I was feeling better. As she pointed out, my attacks are so far and few between that it just doesn’t make sense for me to be medicated all the time. (Couldn’t agree more!) She recommended that I keep an eye out for future cues of another attack so I can deal with it before it gets so bad next time… and losing some weight will probably eliminate or reduce the issue, of course.

So I have had a little setback to start the year, but I am still ready to take on those big goals. I’m surrounding myself with positive messages and stocking my home with foods and products that will help me reach my goals. I’m also organizing a gift guide and giveaway of some of my favorite fitness and health products including athletic shoes, fitness notebooks, a yoga mat, and more. I can’t wait to share with you all! Watch for the reviews in the coming weeks and a big giveaway beginning on Valentine’s Day!

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