I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to be essentially restarting my weight loss journey yet another time. I set May 1st as my start date and I was all ready to go. It turned out to be quite the rocky start! 

My mom was set to move from one apartment to another within the same building. She’s been in the same building for over 8 years, but her recent health has made it necessary for her to move from an upper to a lower apartment. The steps are killer-steep and even those in shape get a bit out of breath getting up them. New landlords recently took over and they set out to be a bit pickier about who is allowed in and move out some of the dead weight. This meant that a lower apartment opened up for Mom.

Hand Truck with Moving BoxesTo try to make a long story short: The woman in mom’s new apartment was moving out, mom was moving into her new apartment, and a new guy was moving into Mom’s old apartment all within the span of a weekend. The person working for the landlords royally screwed up the schedule (yet didn’t admit that to her boss) and we went from being told we had all of May 2nd to move Mom to being told we had to have her out on May 1st and then moved into the new place on the 2nd. Somewhere in there, they expected the cleaning crew to paint and clean carpets in both apartments. Umm… yeahhhh… not happening. What became extra frustrating was that my mom was the one “screwed over” during all of this. She was the one forced to wait with her moving crew sitting around while the woman in her new apartment took extra time to move out despite the alleged rule that they have to be out by noon. (Its NOT written in Mom’s lease that way.) She was the one that they demanded stick to a schedule. She was the one expected to switch her moving crew to come on a Friday night instead of Saturday morning. She was the one forced to move her stuff onto wet carpets. It was a stressful, ridiculous mess… and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, I started the month on a moving day… a very stressful and drama-filled moving day. Mom was calling me in a mixture of tears and anger starting on April 30th. She was getting so stressed out that it was making me angry. Not at her, but at the new landlords having so much disrespect for someone that had been living there eight years and had (up until this drama) been a quiet tenant that always paid her rent on time. I was so stressed out that I was awake by 4:30 am on moving day and I barely ate. When I did eat, I was holding a sandwich in one hand while pushing the carpet steamer with the other. Not a great way to eat a meal. When the move was over, I pigged out on some leftovers in Mom’s apartment before we left. I couldn’t even tell you what I actually ate, because I was so hungry and so tired.

Apparently I had to continue the over-eating streak the next day. I was exhausted and sore yet from the day before and I just laid around and ate. I kind of continued the overeating for far too long. I even added insult to injury when Mom, Xander, and I went out to eat yesterday. I thought I made a decently healthy choice, but when I went to track it I discovered that one meal was over 1500 calories… my entire day’s worth of calories in one shot! 

There was more drama to come, too. Mom discovered that the carpet hadn’t been cleaned properly. The previous tenants dog had apparently been using the floor as a personal toilet. It was so bad that Mom has been sick to her stomach constantly. She can’t even eat, because the smell is overwhelming. It took a lot of back and forth and some not-so-subtle accusations that Mom was making it up, before they finally sent someone by yesterday to take a look/ sniff. They’ll be there today to pull up her carpets, so I guess they realized she wasn’t lying.

I hate seeing Mom under stress. I stress out… and I eat. I need to find a better way to deal with it. I also really need everyone to send Mom some positive vibes and prayers that this all gets resolved. I want her to be able to settle into her new apartment, enjoy the view, and be happy. No one should have to go through so much stress over what should have been a very simple move! Oh, and my waistline can’t take this anymore! 

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