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This family loves their Lugz! 🙂 My husband still works hard in his Men’s Empire WR Boots and my Tallulah WR Boots (which still look like new!) are ready to tackle another rough winter. I was happy to review one of Lugz’s new styles… but this time I put them on the capable toes of my mom so you all could get another perspective on Lugz.


Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

The color and style of the Empire Hi WR Boots reminded Mom of a very classic boot that she wore all the time when she was younger. It was the first step in her decision to choose this particular style, but that is where the similarity ended. From what she told me, those old boots had nothing on the comfort of the Empire Hi WR Boots. The day she got them, we spent hours walking. ‘Tis the season for Christmas shopping after all! It’s important to note that she deals with daily foot pain (severe enough that she is in treatment for it), but she found the Empire Hi WR Boots comfortable to wear all day without special inserts. She also wanted me to make sure that I tell you that she noticed an obvious change in her posture. She found that she was standing straighter and with none of her usual slouching. Sounds like that Flexastride memory foam actually works!


Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

Mom was impressed with the overall quality of the shoe. As I’ve mentioned myself in previous reviews, they are really well made and hold up well to whatever the weather can toss at you. She also commented on how easy they are to lace up. The laces tighten up smoothly and give a secure, snug fit without struggling with the laces. Mom isn’t quite the seasoned reviewer that I am, so she was afraid to really get them dirty 😉 … but these have the same material as my husband’s Men’s Empire WR Boots and I have no concerns that she can keep them clean when she finally hits the puddles and mud. I said it two years ago and it still holds up now…

Ross marveled over the way that they looked completely dry even after he had been out raking a yard full of very wet leaves on a dewy lawn. Any mud or debris that remained on the boot just brushed away with a sweep of his glove.

Overall, I think my mom will tell you that Ross and I were justified in our love for Lugz. She’s now a member of the unofficial fan club too. 😉

Pros: Great style. Very comfortable. Durable and easy to keep clean.

Cons: I’ve got nothing! 😉

Overall Rating


lugzlogoLugz products are aggressively styled using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and superior comfort. Their footwear features premium leathers and durable construction. Everything is designed with the fashion forward customer in mind. Today Lugz has expanded beyond boots and has added casual shoes, sandals, and athletics to the mix, and the brand can be found at major retailers across the country.

The Empire Hi WR is a water resistant and slip-resistant plain toe boot that features our patented Flexastride memory foam technology. This boot has the perfect blend of style and comfort to protect your feet year round. ($79.99)

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