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Many people think that in order to have a stylish home, you need to boast a six-figure income and have plenty of time on your hands. Interior design magazines and apps such as Pinterest don’t often cater for people on a slightly smaller budget or people who don’t have a spare few weeks to completely remodel their homes. But in reality, all it takes is a few simple touches to transform your home’s aesthetic. The beauty of doing it all yourself is that you can tailor the decor to precisely your own tastes. You may love contemporary, minimalist cool; or perhaps you are a lover of vintage luxury, taking inspiration from stately homes and days gone by. Whatever your personal style is, it’s easier than you think to create a home that mimics that look! All it takes is knowing what to invest your money in and how a few little hints and tips. Read on to find out how you can finally nail the home interior of your dreams.

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Playing with Different Textures

One really easy way to make your home appear to be more high-end is by choosing materials for your soft furnishings wisely. If you have an ancient, cracked faux-leather couch, it isn’t exactly going to scream ‘luxury’ at either you or your guests. Similarly, threadbare rugs and moth-eaten curtains may be a sign that you need to fully rethink the materials you have in your home. Think about what materials you consider to look classy and timeless. Leather (or a high-quality faux leather) can look great on a couch, providing you know how to look after it properly. Failing that, a velvet sofa looks gorgeous no matter what. You can even think outside the box slightly and go for something a bit more innovative, such as imitation cow hair. When it comes to your other soft furnishings such as curtains, stay away from anything too thin. A material that looks thicker and heavy automatically looks to be of a higher quality and therefore as though it was more expensive. This may not be true – you may have just got some imitation velvet drapes and layered them on top of each other – but the effect speaks for itself. Another easy way to add style and luxury to your home is by layering a stunning rug over a hardwood floor. Fluffy rugs don’t need to be real animal hair or cashmere in order to feel soft – and who would really be able to tell the difference, anyway? If you do decide to splash on an expensive patterned rug, however, keep the rest of your room’s decor fairly neutral so your investment can stand out.

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Creating a Stand-Out Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of the most impressive rooms in the home – as long as we know how to get them right. In order to drag your bathroom out of the last century, a few simple touches can go a long way. Lighting is a key component here. Spotlighting immediately creates a more high-end and flattering look in your bathroom, so you may want to contact an electrician and ask if they could be installed. Adding a bathroom plant can also add a flash of color to the room and make it appear brighter. Orchids are classy and timeless, but if the upkeep concerns you, just opt for a fake one instead. Or, look into leafy plants which thrive in the hot and humid atmosphere of a bathroom. When putting the final touches to your bathroom, spend some time studying dreamy bathrooms that spark your interest. These could be spa bathrooms in hotels, or they could even be an amazing restroom you visited in a restaurant one time. Chances are, they probably have a few things in common; the lighting and plants we already have covered, but big mirrors and a stylish sink unit are the other two components of a memorable bathroom. Old porcelain sinks can look very dated, especially when paired against a more contemporary backdrop. With that in mind, a vessel sink such as one from http://www.uniquevanities.com/vessel-sinks.html could be the perfect finishing touch to your restroom. You can choose marble, glass, wood or granite depending on what works best for your personal style.

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Have a Focal Point in Every Room

Putting a focal point in every room in your home is an easy way to bring it right up to date. Most of us can’t afford to invest in a full renovation, so by adding a focal point, it doesn’t only look stylish, it draws attention away from other parts of the room you are NOT so keen on. A really easy way to do this is by adding a large piece of art. Rooms tend to look bare when there is no art or pictures on the wall. You can draw attention to a certain part of your room by hanging a piece of a work by your favorite artist there. Just remember to make sure the piece works alongside the room you already have. For example, having a busy abstract piece on top of your patterned wallpaper simply isn’t going to work. Instead, choose a bold piece that isn’t too crowded, so it will stand out more. If you can’t find a piece of art that inspires you, why not consider making an entire wall into your focal point? This is known as a ‘feature wall’ and can be created in a number of ways. For example, you might simply choose to paint your feature wall a bright color in comparison to the rest of your neutral home. Or, you might have a mural painted on it. An easy way to create a stunning feature wall is to make the most of any wall which already has a fireplace in it. Fireplaces are natural room focal points – as usually, we place our furniture to surround them. So with this in mind, it makes sense to dress them nicely. Even adding a few ornaments and fairy lights can make such a bit difference to your room.

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