One of the areas in the home I feel could use the most TLC is the bathroom. You can really make this room look sensational with just a bit of work. I have done a lot of renovation work on my bathroom over the years, and I’m delighted with it. So now, I’m going to share with you my suggestions for ways you can improve your own.

The idea is to turn the bathroom into a place for royalty. It should look and smell amazing. It needs to shimmer and gleam and be a place people enjoy being. Check out my hints to help you achieve this.


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Plan Your Changes

The first thing I would advise is that you plan everything out before you do it. It’s no good wading in and painting, knocking down walls and ripping out sinks. Making it up as you go along is a certain way to get yourself lost. You need to be organised and prepared as much as possible. And the best way to achieve this is to plan all your changes out in advance. I like to sit down with my knight in shining armor and map out our assault on the bathroom. We decide what we’re going to do, and figure out what it will cost and how much time it will take

Towel Rails

It might sound obvious to suggest that you need towel rails in the bathroom. But, I’m referring to a specific type of towel rail, and those are the ones that heat up. It’s basically a great way of doubling up a radiator as a towel rail. It’s functional and it kills two birds with one stone. You’ll be able to hang your towels in the bathroom for easy access. And, as a bonus, you’ll find they are lovely and warm when you get out and need to dry yourself off.

Materials Fit for a King

The key to a kingly bathroom is making sure you use the right materials. A lot of people like to go with porcelain and wood in their bathrooms. However, I would suggest a different approach. Why not think about going for granite countertops? These will add a luxurious and royal visual appeal to the bathroom. You also need to think about the material you’re going to use for other areas of the room. If you have a bath, it might be plastic or porcelain. You should make sure your shower and taps are stainless steel as well. Basically, you need to work on making the material complement one another.



Extractor Fan!

What’s the one thing that can always make your bathroom unattractive? That’s right, the smell! This is an absolute, and there’s very little you can do about it. Of course, there are always air fresheners and scented candles. But, I would recommend you get an extractor fan fitted that comes on with the light. This will provide your bathroom with plenty of ventilation, and get it smelling nice much quicker.

So, you guys can see the sorts of things that you can do to improve your bathroom. There are so many options with this room it’s just a case of deciding what you want to do. I like to take the time to make my bathroom into a room for royalty. And I hope that I have inspired you to go back to your castle and do the same!

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