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I received the following product(s) free or discounted in the hopes that I would share my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

The cats and I are part of the Chewy Influencer Program. Chewy is “Where Pet Lovers Shop” and they have a huge selection of products you know and products you’ll want to discover!


Nutro Wild Frontier Cat Food

The first thing Pandora and Selune tested out this month was the Nutro Wild Frontier Cat Food. This is sold on in a package of 12 twin packs of pate style food. The flavors are Real Chicken & Beef and Real Salmon & Trout. It sells for $17.89 which works out to $1.49 per twin pack or under $0.75 per serving.

From a human viewpoint, it looks like a pretty typical pate. There are a few obvious pieces within the pate, so there is some texture. The Real Chicken & Beef did not have an overwhelming odor. The Real Salmon & Trout definitely smelled fishy, but not overpoweringly stinky. The twin packs work great for two cats because each gets their own serving. The portion size is just perfect… no waste!

By all appearances… like the mad scramble to the kitchen when I open a pack… the cats really, REALLY like these. I even caught Selune nosing into our cabinet and trying to walk off with an unopened one! So much for her being the well-behaved one…


Fancy Feast Purely Natural Filets Cat Food Topper

The second thing that our furry testers tried this month is the Fancy Feast Purely Natural Filets Cat Food Topper. A 10-count package is sold on for $19.99 and comes in chicken and fish varieties.

It can be used both as a topper for your existing cat food or as a special treat. It’s not meant to be the only food source. The packages are very easy to open and the chicken flakes apart very easily. I like that these are actual fillets and seem to be of good quality.

Pandora and Selune were not quite as excited about these, but they were still a treat. I tried them both alone and as a topper. Honestly, when used as a topper, they just ate around their other food and ate up the chicken alone. Unlike the Nutro pate, they did leave some of this behind.. but they did come back a few minutes later to finish it off.

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