I followed through with my Labor Day plans and dealt with (most) of our bathroom. There’s not a lot of extra money, because we are saving up to replace our carpeting… so I mixed together the leftovers of the two shades of minty green used in our office/ playroom remodeling project to create a new medium minty green. :) I thought it would compliment our black and silver bathroom scheme quite well. From the first swipe of paint, I knew I was going to like the finished project. I wish the color came across more accurately in the following photos.

A little glance at the difference from old (right) to new (left):

And now with the painting done:


I still have a few minor things to do:

  • I must replace that horrendous light fixture. It looks like something out of the 70’s, which feels so out of place in a house built in the late 80’s and even more out of place in the more “classic modern” look we’re aiming to achieve. I would like a basic vanity-style line of bulbs with chrome or something sleek. Ideally, I would put lights to either side of the mirror, but that would require re-wiring and patching to achieve.
  • The ceiling needs to be painted. It wasn’t until I had the painting underway that I realized it was the same awful dirty yellow as the walls. I’m trying to decide if I should buy some white paint or use the lighter shade of green.
  • I need a new window curtain. The lacy number in the picture was here when we moved in. It doesn’t fit the window properly and looks out of place with our design. I’m thinking of sewing my own basic set of black panels with either silver or mint-green tiebacks.
  • A few new accessories would be nice. I would like to put in a new towel bar, curtain rod, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and the like.
  • We plan to swap out to white trim and doors like we did in the office/playroom, but I need to wait on that until we do the rest of this floor so it is all cohesive.

Once I have these few changes done, I’ll be sure to share my updated pictures. We eventually plan to completely remodel our bathroom, but a few little changes are making it much nicer in the interim.

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