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Company Bio: Fé Fit is looking for a way to lose baby fat, get their confidence back, and feel sexy again. Words like muffin top, stretch marks, and cellulite seemed to dominate the world of motherhood, and quickly replaced any discussion of Spring Break plans and New Years Eve festivities. No question, being a mom is a blessing, but it doesn’t mean you stop being a woman.

Product Details: Fé Fit created some of the best fitness DVDs for women. Their weight loss program for women consists of 8 upbeat DVDs. Women who couldn’t shed baby weight found results losing fat and creating feminine tone with this 13-week program. Discover fun, convenient workouts and a support group of other women. Add variety that creates muscle confusion by constantly mixing up your routine to keep your metabolism blazing.

These are also amazing exercise DVDs for women over 50 and in their 20’s! Strength training adds sexy shape and raises your basal metabolism burning more calories while you rest. Flexibility and core exercises improve posture and stability. Isometrics workouts contract specific muscles toning and targeting areas like legs and glutes.

MSRP: $199.99 (Selling on Amazon for $119.85 at the time I’m writing this.)

Personal Experience: I began this year with the major goal of finally winning this battle against the extra weight. With this in mind, I was very happy to get an invite from Fé Fit to review their 13-Week, 90-Day DVD Workout Program. I received the collection free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

I love the way they package the program. It’s like getting a pretty gift all for yourself. So inviting!


There was a point in time that I was in much better shape, but I knew that was no longer the case. I was a bit nervous to take on a program like this. I was worried that it would be too “boot camp” style and I could never keep up. As I delved into the materials included and the DVDs themselves, I learned that it is a tough workout designed to make an impact quickly… but it’s done in a way that allows for easy modification and meets the needs of even those of us who are new to fitness or are beginning again. It’s designed particularly for moms getting back in shape after baby, so you can see why it would be made in a way that can be modified for the different post-baby stages.

The program is laid out beautifully. There are different discs for each week of the program. An introductory video lets you know what to expect. The included booklet has a variety of workout schedules that give you the exact workouts to do depending on the number of days per week that you are working out. I love that the focus is not entirely on their own DVDs… they include days where you choose your workout. It gives you a great opportunity to keep your routine well rounded and get outdoors! The stickers they include to mark each completed day are also very motivational. There is lots of positive messaging throughout the materials.


I set out to do the five day a week plan, but I’ve been battling a cold that won’t quit and I was finding it difficult to stay on the plan. (Finally diagnosed and currently treating an upper respiratory infection… no wonder I was getting out of breath so easily!) The beauty of the Fé Fit program is that I could dial back my plan to three days a week and use the modifications. I was able to maintain and build the workout habit without pushing myself too far beyond my limits.

Our instructor in the videos is perky and fun. She keeps talking you up during the sessions and even has encouraging words for her co-stars. It made me feel better in my abilities to see that even the experts needed some guidance at times. There is also so much variety in the plan… you’re always working new muscles and trying something new. The overall effect was that the workouts are over before you realized it.

The workouts do use some basic equipment like hand weights and bands. Most people looking to lose weight, like myself, will probably have most of these items on hand already. All I’m missing is the yoga/ Pilates circle, but it’s now in my wish list on Amazon and I plan to order very soon. Fé Fit does sell two other versions of this kit that include equipment, but it is also possible to do the moves in a modified manner without the equipment or with some basic household items.


I like that they also include a countdown bar under the video. This may not be for everybody, but for me it powers me on to know I only have x-number of minutes remaining in the session. The sessions are relatively short and easy to fit into a typical day… all under 30 minutes.

The overall focus may be on moms looking to lose the baby fat, but this program would work for a much broader range of women. They do mention moms and motherhood frequently in the banter during workouts, so this may bother you if you’re not a mom… but I wouldn’t let that turn you away from a great program that will work around any woman’s busy schedule!

Oh, and even with a lingering cold, a respiratory infection, a busy schedule, and needing to back down on the program, I lost 10 pounds in under a month!

Pros: Quick, effective workouts with lots of variety. Easy to customize to your abilities and schedule. Easy to follow program that allows room for you to add your own favorite fitness activities. Requires minimal equipment that you likely already have on hand.

Cons: The “mom” focus may not be for everyone. You may need/want to buy equipment to do exercises as shown.

Overall Rating


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