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logo2Company Bio: “When my son was 18 months old, I quickly realized that parents are the most important teachers. I spent countless hours scouring stores for tools to teach the alphabet, teach counting and teach reading. When I could not find one kit that did it all, I began creating my own teaching tools that matched some of the tools I had purchased. My son was reading by the age of three and parents at nursery school were asking how I had taught him. It was at this point that I learned “matching” was a key pre-reading skill for young children.

I began structuring focus groups with moms and playgroups to develop an all-in-one learning kit for toddlers. Using the knowledge I gained from the focus groups, I evolved the teaching tools into a coordinated set and called it Teach My Toddler. The overwhelming success of Teach My Toddler in helping parents give their children a head start had me fielding demand after demand for a kit that could be used with babies and another one for preschoolers. I have continued my passion and created the Teach My series including add-on sets and soon an educational bath and travel line of products!”

~From Teach My “About” Page

Product Details:

  • Teach My Preschooler The Solar System introduces your child to the basics of The Solar System. Using a coordinated book, puzzle, poster and flashcards, Teach My showcases the sun and nine planets that rotate around the sun (incl. Pluto, The Dwarf Planet) In order to simplify The Solar System for little ones, we have highlighted one characteristic for each planet and each planet’s place within the solar system. The Solar System is an Add-On to the Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit.
  • Teach My Preschooler The Time introduces preschoolers to hours, minutes, analog time, digital time and time vocabulary. Using a wipe-off teaching clock, book and digital time maker, preschoolers can master telling the time quickly! The set encourages numeracy, counting, decoding, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and parent/child interaction.

MSRP: $14.99 each


Personal Experience: It’s time for Back to School and I’m in the world of bittersweet when I say that Xander is starting school in the fall. With the growing demand on young students, the need to give him a great jump start is greater than ever. I’m also looking for tools that can be adapted to enforce the things he learns in school. Teach My kits are great for that. They can stand alone as great tools for a homeschool family or work with your child’s lessons at school to make the lessons really stick.

I was so excited when Teach My gave me the chance to review two more of their kits with you just in time for Back to School! The Teach My Preschooler The Solar System and Teach My Preschooler The Time kits are a great supplement to our existing Teach My Preschooler kit that I reviewed previously. The Time and Solar System kits are the same sturdy quality with vibrant colors that I loved from the Preschooler kit. There are also numerous ways to use each kit, which makes them very versatile.


We started with the Teach My Preschooler The Solar System kit. I am impressed with the beautiful artwork of the planets on the poster, flashcards, and puzzle. It’s a cartoon-like version of the solar system which makes the planets fun but still recognizable. (Bonus points for including our dwarf planet, Pluto!) The flashcards have been the best tool for quick daily lessons. We started out with one planet each day and then I started to show him a few each day and ask him to identify them. After just a short time, he already started to identify some of the more distinct planets on sight. Repetition is key, and I don’t doubt that he’ll have them down in no time! The puzzle is challenging, because most of the pieces are shaped exactly the same. I like that he has to actually pay attention to the order and not just put it together how it fits. The poster is nice and sturdy. I could see playing a “What Planet Are You On?” type game later on in our studies and he can move a figure from one planet to another.


I am very happy that the Teach My Preschooler The Time kit included tools to teach both analog and digital clock reading. Digital clocks may be the standard for many now, but I don’t think the skill of reading analog should be lost! The analog clock comes with a wipe off crayon, so I am able to write time in digital style and have Xander translate the time to analog. The digital clock is like an easel with all the necessary numbers to indicate a time. This has worked well for saying the current time or asking for bedtime and having him find he correct numbers to “set” the clock. This kit also included a fun little workbook for guiding a child in learning what time of day they do certain activities.

I had this minor complaint before and it’s that I wish there was a better lesson plan to follow. I do understand that preschoolers have a short attention span… oh boy, do I understand… but a more guided jumping off point for the less home-teaching inclined would be great. They do offer great teaching tips including limiting lesson times and making the lessons a part of your daily routine. These great tips have helped build our success with other areas of study too!

Overall, you can’t beat the great deal on these kits. They are so versatile and I can’t believe the quality of kits priced so reasonably! I love that Teach My is also a women-owned company… I love supporting women in business with my purchases. You can find them at your local Walmart & Toys’r’Us stores, too! How convenient is that?!

Pros: Comprehensive kits. Great addition to build on other kits. Flexible to suit your needs. Bright and sturdy tools within the kit. Teach My also offers kits and value packs for baby and toddler. Women Owned. Available at Walmart and Toys’r’Us.

Cons: More complete lesson plans would be a plus.

Overall Rating


Teach My Preschooler

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