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I felt like doing something a little different today. I have an Android phone and I often head to the Play Store to browse what’s new… and inevitably end up overwhelmed with the choices. I will download some to try and eventually end up deleting most of them.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite five apps that have withstood the test of time. It is, by now means, an organized or sensible list. Just like my little space here on the wide web, my phone suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. 🙂


1. Nova Launcher

From my very first computer, I have always loved to personalize my devices. When I got my first phone, the first thing I did was change the ringtones. It’s because of this that I sought out customization options when I found my way to Android. After testing many options, I eventually stayed with Nova Launcher. It’s very in-depth while staying easy to use. No matter what wallpaper or icons I use, I can make my phone look just right! I liked this app so much that I paid for the upgraded version.

2. Textra

I have tried a couple brands of Android phones by now, but I always find that the standard messaging is awful in all of them… at least to me. After much trial and error, I came across Textra and never left. You can change colors, text bubble style, and more. It also just plain works well! They have made constant updates to the app over time that just made it better and better. There are non-intrusive ads for the free version. I eventually upgraded to the ad-free version, but only because I wanted to support further development.

3. Swiftkey

Like the messenger apps, I find the standard keyboards… well… standard. I don’t want to fall asleep when I’m tapping out a message! There are a ton of keyboard apps, but Swiftkey wins for me. The best feature is the ability to connect it to your existing social and email accounts so it can learn the words you most often use. This makes it amazing at reducing autocorrect errors. No more telling someone to “Go duck off!” 😉 The included keyboard themes are stylish and very functional, but you can also use your own images to create custom ones.

4. Boost for Reddit

If you do Reddit… who doesn’t?… then you need Boost! It just simply works really well compared to other Reddit apps I have tried. It can be customized through themes and layout styles.

5. Period Tracker

And now something for the ladies… or the men who are really involved in their significant others’ reproductive health. 😛 Don’t let the quirky look fool you. The Period Tracker does just what its name says plus records symptoms, intimacy, and more. There is even a social section for those hard-to-ask questions. It’s accurate and thorough.

Bonus – Candy Crush Soda Saga

What essentials list would be complete without a game?! I play games on my Android all the time, but the wildly popular Candy Crush Soda Saga always ends up back on my phone. I like the original too, but something about the Soda Saga version is just way more fun to me. You can pick the game up for a quick break in the day. It’s challenging… frustrating… and lots of fun! 🙂

Are you Team iOS or Team Android? What are your must-have apps?

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