The bathroom is often the one area in your home that can become neglected. They are also prone to mold because of condensation forming on all the surfaces. As a result, that once spotless bathroom you loved soon turns into a dark and depressing place!

Just over two years ago I did a mini revamp of my bathroom. Ever since then, I’ve had some people contacting me for inspiration in their bathrooms. Style is subjective, so the following suggestions will be more general in nature. Check them out:


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got walls covered with tiles. There will still be some surfaces (i.e. the ceiling) that need painting. Because of the damp nature of your bathroom, don’t use “ordinary” paint. I recommend using an anti-mold solution.

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Stick with specialist bathroom paints. That’s because they offer a protective coating once dried to stop mold from growing. If you’ve got a small bathroom (like me), stick to light or neutral colors if possible.

Tile Grout

Have you noticed that there is horrible black mold growing between your tiles? There are a few ways of fixing the problem, depending on how you’re fixed for time (and money).

The easiest is to get a wire brush and scrape away the mold. Be careful when you’re doing this, as you could scratch the tiles. Another option is to buy some tile grout paint and just “hide” the mold. But the best option (but not the cheapest) is to remove the tiles and grout them.

Window Tinting

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any Peeping Toms looking at me while I have a shower! Yes, frosted glass can give you some degree of privacy. But, if you use your bathroom at night, you’ve got to put the light on. You won’t leave much to the imagination of any outsiders looking up at your bathroom window!

One option that few people seem to know about is window tinting. It’s a similar process to what you might do for your car, for example. I recommend investing in some window film for winter. That’s because there will be a higher chance of needing to shower with the light on, for example.


One thing that grinds a lot of people’s gears is the inadequate lighting in their bathrooms. The good news is you can do something about it, and it won’t cost you a fortune!

For example, you could have some LED lighting fitted to your existing down lights. Another option is to have a mirror fitted with LED strip lighting around it. The latter is perfect for shaving, doing makeup and so forth.

Underfloor Heating

If you’re ripping up your bathroom floor, take the opportunity to install underfloor heating. By doing so, you won’t have to freeze in the morning before you step into the shower!

You can also get rid of your radiator, giving you extra space in your bathroom. I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog post. See you soon!