I love the beginning of a month. It’s a great day for new beginnings. It’s time to look at my goals for the month.

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Fitness & Health

I spent the better part of February getting back on track with my healthy lifestyle. It got me down another 10 pounds over the month… most of that lost in the last week. Weight loss and better health is always part of my goals. My biggest goal is to continue with my new workout schedule and to add a longer strength session to each week.

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My goal for Xander is to work on him with on his penmanship and confidence. His teacher’s only complaints are that he is too quiet in class (I’m serious!) and that he rushes his writing so some letters are unclear. I can completely relate to both because I had the same problem in school. He could use a little improvement in reading comprehension too. I think it’s related to his issue of rushing through things. Getting him to slow down for reading and writing are my goals for Xander this month.

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For the blog, I want to get a more set schedule for each feature so everyone knows when they can expect their favorite topics. I definitely need to write more about health and wellness, because that is an important topic for me personally. This blog is about my passions and I’m definitely neglecting one. I also want to get a better setup for recording my Sims gameplay.


I also want to accomplish writing a new knitting pattern. It has been far too long since I published an original pattern. I’m itching to create!

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