Throwing an awesome dinner party isn’t just about cooking a nice meal for your friends. That doesn’t make it a ‘party’, and it definitely doesn’t make it awesome! If you want to learn how to throw an awesome dinner party, read on:

Cook Something Everybody Will Enjoy

You need to consider all of your guests when you’re deciding what to cook. You need to cook something everybody will enjoy, so make sure you take their tastes into account. Any allergies should be considered too. Vegetarians/vegans will likely need to be catered to separately, unless the rest of your guests don’t mind eating what they eat.


Have a Selection of Drinks

Having a selection of drinks to offer your guests is important; not everybody will have the same tastes or want the same thing. One person might want tea while another wants wine. Make sure you can cater to them! Picking an alcoholic beverage to compliment what you’re cooking is a very good idea. If you’re stuck, you can get drink delivered to your door with the help of places like

Create a Playlist to Set the Mood

Make a playlist to set the mood for your dinner party. Think of the kind of atmosphere you’d like to create and then add songs to it that suit that type of atmosphere. It’s really easy when you have iTunes or Spotify to help.

Don’t Invite Too Many of Your Friends

Inviting too many friends will give you too much to do. You’ll need to make sure everybody has food and drink, and that you’re not neglecting anybody. You’ll have way more to do and the clean up afterwards won’t be pleasant.

Invite People Who Will Get Along

Invite people who will get along. Consider the set up carefully so that you know everybody will bounce off of one another and perhaps even leave with a new friend. If you know two people don’t usually get along, then don’t invite them both or speak to them beforehand to make sure there won’t be any tension.

Think of Some Party Games/Entertainment

Party games and entertainment may not be necessary, but it can help to have some on the sidelines just in case things get a little boring. Make sure it’s something everybody will enjoy/want to get involved in.

Arrange Taxis in Advance

The only problem with having your friends over for a party is that you can’t always turn around and demand that they leave. Some never want the party to end and will outstay their welcome. Arrange taxis in advance to make sure everybody leaves when they are supposed to. People will simply think you’ve been thoughtful, rather than that you’re trying to get rid of them!

I hope you love these tips and they help you to throw the best dinner party you’ve ever had. If it was a success for you, leave a comment below to let me know all about it. Thanks for reading and make sure you visit again soon for more!

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