The hotels in Budapest are changing rapidly, and many of the changes have made them among the best found in Europe. In the decades of the past, you could only hope for such basic amenities as a phone in your room or a television set when staying anywhere in eastern Europe. Times have changed, and it is the top hotels in Budapest, Hungary that are leading the way. The following are just a few examples of these new concepts that can now be found in these hotels.


Internet Access

The best hotels in the city now offer wireless Internet connections in all of the public areas of the hotel. Hotel management understands that the Internet is no longer a diversion used for entertainment, but an important tool used by business people the world over. Those arriving in Budapest represent international firms that are conducting business with local companies. Internet access is not an option, so it is now being built into the better hotels. The better hotels in Budapest have already expanded web connections to each of their rooms.

Non-Smoking Hotels

There has been a strong move away from accommodating smokers and non-smokers with separate rooms. Today, modern Budapest hotels have become entirely smoke free. This not only includes each individual room, but also includes common areas of the hotel for guests such as dining areas and the lobby.

Room Amenities

The amenities provided in modern hotel rooms have expanded to include the latest liquid crystal display televisions that have access to the best digital programming in the country. There are other important services that world travelers need that are provided. Safes are provided that are large enough for most laptop computers. For travelers who are tired after a long trip, many hotels now offer massages inside the room, so travelers don’t have to get up and go to the health spa area of the hotel.


An International Staff

Hotels are now going out of their way to hire a staff that can communicate in as many languages as possible. Certainly all of the most popular languages spoken in the world can be found spoken at the top hotels in this city. This type of personalized service makes Budapest hotels in the top tier of hotels found throughout Europe. Not only will you have someone to communicate with, but the staff is knowledgeable about the area and events taking place in it. They can assist in getting tickets for local events and helping you get the best transportation for you while staying in the city.

The Adoption of the Boutique Hotel

Perhaps the best concept in hotels to arrive in Budapest is that of the boutique hotel. Although they are well known in North America and parts of Western Europe, it is Budapest that is developing these new hotels into world class accommodations. These hotels not only offer travelers all of the amenities of large hotels, but they do so in a smaller scale operation. Travelers have a more relaxing environment, with less people around them, but without the trade-off of less service and amenities that they have grown accustomed to with large hotels.

When scoping out hotels in Budapest, you may want first look at high class boutique hotels. One example of this type of hotel is the Boutique Hotel Victoria Budapest. You can do comparison shopping for rooms on sites such as

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