New Refrigerator

180525_1906360658978_1240637707_2367050_5286474_nWell, the big news of my weekend is that we finally got a new refrigerator. It was desperately needed. I’m pretty sure the one we inherited from the previous owners was about ready to start waving a white flag and begging for mercy. I never thought I would be so excited to simply have a fridge with a working interior light… and this one even has one in the freezer! It’s all about the little things.

Yeah, I know… it’s nothing special, but it works for us. We had planned to get a side-by-side in stainless, but when we began shopping we quickly discovered that the existing space for a refrigerator would severely limit our choices. When we looked at side-by-sides in stainless that would fit in the spot we have, we were limited to two very expensive choices. It didn’t make sense for us to spend so much on a fridge that will end up in our garage in a year or two when we do the kitchen remodel. We managed to up our choices to five when we started looking at standard refrigerators. This one, in black, was a scratch and dent that cost a fraction of the stainless options… and it’s four cubic feet larger than what was there before. So I’m content until the remodel.

168382_1906353618802_1240637707_2367048_5970743_sWe went grocery shopping after the delivery guys left. It was fun filling it up and finally having room without cramming everything in. I fit an entire ten pound bag of potatoes in one produce drawer with room to spare. In the old fridge, a five pounder didn’t even fit. There’s so much room in the freezer that we are thinking of shutting down the chest freezer we have in the garage… everything in it could easily fit in the new freezer with room to spare.

If I’m this excited over a cheap scratch and dent, I just may have a seizure over my future newly remodeled kitchen!

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