The recent release of the new Laundry Day pack from the Sims 4 crew inspired me to center a series around the rustic, eco-living feel of the items. It will be a fairly typical rags to riches series in many aspects, but with the exception that our Sim can only earn an income from the more natural means.


The Basic Rules

  1. The Sim cannot join any career.
  2. The Sim must earn income only from collecting items (crystals, plants, frogs, etc), gardening, breeding frogs, and fishing. Once these skills have been maxed, they may earn through the woodworking bench.
  3. The Sim cannot use stoves, fridges, beds, toilets, and other needs objects in other Sims’ households.
  4. The Sim may use a public restroom to relieve bladder and wash hands.
  5. The initial goal is to have a fully-functional house of at least two bedrooms, a spouse, a child, a pet, and a value of at least 500,000 Simoleons.
  6. The secondary goal is to have a camping and outdoor life store with a value of at least 50,000 Simoleons.

Lyric & Loki

I would like you to meet Lyric Song and her loyal companion Loki. Lyric began life as the privileged daughter of San Myshino’s richest family, but she wanted more out of life. She shunned the materialistic lifestyle of her family. Her infuriated parents cut her off completely and so Lyric set out to make it on her own without a single Simoleon in her pockets.


Their story will begin tomorrow. Meanwhile, catch up with our legacy family in the current Sims Stories!

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