My first day on Nutrisystem is over and I’m happy to report that it went much more smoothly than I expected. The Fast 5 consists of about 1000 calories a day, so I was certain I would be feeling like I was starving. Instead, it felt like I was eating constantly! My meals were spaced out about every two to three hours… just when I would start to feel hungry it was time for another meal or snack. Let’s take a look at what I had to eat yesterday…


I kicked off my day with the Double Chocolate Muffin for breakfast. It seemed kind of lonely sitting on that little plate by itself, but that seemingly small muffin is packed with protein and left me feeling full far longer than I had expected. The muffin had a slightly dry, chewy texture but a satisfying chocolate flavor. I am looking forward to next week when I can add some yogurt and fruit on the side.

My snack was a simple bowl of organic baby carrots and the EnergiZING Shake. I’m not a huge fan of meal replacement or protein shakes, but this was a pleasant surprise. I used a shaker bottle to mix it up well and added ice to get it extra cold (a trick from their supportive message boards). It was like drinking a thick milk shake. Later on this week, I’d like to try another suggested tip of blending it with the ice to make a chocolate smoothie. 🙂 The shake had me feeling pumped up for a few hours and I found myself looking for cleaning projects and stuff to burn some of that energy off.

I wasn’t even feeling all that hungry and lunch time kind of snuck up on me. I decided to try the Three Cheese Chicken with broccoli mixed in and a salad on the side. The pasta comes dehydrated in a cup. You can add water and microwave or add boiling water and let it sit. I did the boiled water method. At the end of the longest recommended cooking time there was still a lot of moisture left, so I let it sit almost five minutes longer. As you can see from the picture above, there was still a lot of excess moisture. I stirred in some chopped broccoli that I had steamed separately to add some extra bulk and a veggie serving. There was a slight grainy texture to the sauce and the chicken pieces were almost a gummy texture, but despite that it was a tasty dish. I think it will be much better once I perfect the cooking with tips picked up from the message boards. Oh, I opted for no dressing on the green salad. You can use a calorie-free dressing, but I am keeping that as a treat once a day… it’s about $4 for a small bottle and I’ll be eating a lot of salad.

A Craving Crusher shake with more carrots and some fresh green beans made up my second snack. I am purposely spacing out my meals as evenly as possible while still working around the family schedule, so I ate this snack while my husband and son had their dinner. The shake tasted very similar to the morning energy shake, but possibly a little thicker.

I think it had more to do with watching my family eat dinner than actually being hungry, but I was really ready when dinnertime finally rolled around. I had the Lasagna with Meat Sauce. This can be prepared by either microwaving or dropping the container in boiling water. I chose to microwave. The flavor was quite good, but it seemed to be all one texture… soft. I wish I’d noticed that it has mushrooms in it. I’m not a fan of mushrooms, so I may have added some extra veggie to this to help mask that flavor. It also would have added some satisfying texture to the lasagna. I’m used to lasagna the way my mom always made it… loaded with mozzarella and cottage cheese… but I was surprised that I didn’t really miss that. I paired it with a green salad topped with tomato and calorie-free dressing. A nice end to my first day.

I got a bit hungry about an hour after dinner, but I was able to fight off a snack attack with some water… even when my dear husband decided to torture me…. err… ummm… snack on some M&M’s while watching TV. My son had a bad night of sleep the night before, so I know that contributed a lot to it, but I was suddenly very tired around 9:00 and headed to bed early.

Today’s menu consisted of 1067 calories, 68 grams protein, and 23 grams of fat.

nutrisystem_bloggerbtnNote: As a #NSNation Nutrisystem Blogger, I was chosen to try Nutrisystem and write about my experience. Nutrisystem is providing me with the My Way Plan at no cost to myself. This plan includes 28 days of nutritious and delicious food delivered right to your door to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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