Yeah… yeah… yeah… I know… I’ve been naughty. I haven’t been keeping you all updated the past few days. I stayed right on plan, but I otherwise completely lacked anything resembling motivation. I think the only reason I stayed on plan was because it is simply so easy to just heat up and toss together my meals.


Okay, so I started out pretty motivated on Wednesday. I cleaned, mopped, vacuumed, and all the fun domestic stuff. We had an extra meeting of our knitting club that night and I headed to the library early to take advantage of the quiet to whip out some work I needed to catch up on. I was a powerhouse that night. I finished more than I ever expected to in the two hours before knitting club started. Then, in knitting club, I finished more on a sock than I typically get done.

I stayed on track right through my work and knitting group. I packed a cheese stick, some crackers, and the Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies to snack on… and I even remembered to keep my two snacks about two hours apart. 😉

The next two days were as though I had zapped up all my motivation on Wednesday and there was nothing left to use. I just knitted socks, ate my meals, and played Sims. Not so productive.

I had some good foods this week. The Stuffed Shells were very similar to my own (I prefer my sauce), but the bottom got tough during cooking. I had another of the Chicken Fajita sandwiches and I was right… it tasted even better baked in the oven. The Ice Cream Sandwich was another highlight. The cookie part was soft and chocolatey and the ice cream was not bland like “diet” ice cream normally is. I also mixed up my Chocolate Cake this week by adding a peanut putter frosting.

The only lowlight of the week was the Mac and Cheese with Beef. It was mushy and lacked flavor. Not a favorite at all.

Skipping my usual calorie, protein, and fat counts. I’m not sure they are very accurate for these three days.


Note: As a #NSNation Nutrisystem Blogger, I was chosen to try Nutrisystem and write about my experience. Nutrisystem is providing me with the My Way Plan at no cost to myself. This plan includes 28 days of nutritious and delicious food delivered right to your door to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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