Day Twenty-Three was pretty uneventful. I got up early and did a full two-mile Walk Away the Pounds workout taht included a chest and back routine. The Prince had his piano lessons. Otherwise, it was a dull and unproductive day. 😛


Breakfast was pretty basic. I had the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal again. I paired it with the Chocolate Protein Shake. It was a nice breakfast for a rainy morning.

I had something new for lunch. The Beef, Cheese & Bean Burrito was surprisingly good for a microwaved burrito. It was much larger than I expected, had a ice spicy flavor, and was very filling. Broccoli as a side was a little weird, but I wasn’t in a salad mood. I would have had some corn with it, but we were out.

A simple snack today again. Cottage cheese, carrots, and V8 is a good combination of veggies and protein and sees me through to supper.

Supper was the Vegetable Lasagna. Not one of my favorite meals. It was okay tasting, but the texture was really strange. I even found bits of corn in there… strange. It’s also quite a small serving and I can’t help feeling I could have used the calories more wisely.

I did snack on the way to my son’s lessons, but didn’t snap a picture. It was just a ¼ cup of mixed nuts and a stick of string cheese.

Dessert was the definite highlight of my day. I had saved my fruit serving for this and it was worth it! I diced up the Golden Pound Cake into half-inch pieces and then mixed in sliced strawberries that I had lightly mashed with a fork. It was sooooooooo gooooooood! The only thing that would have made it better was a little dollop of whipped cream or dairy topping. 🙂

Today’s menu consisted of 1458 calories, 96 grams protein, and 30 grams of fat.

nutrisystem_bloggerbtnNote: As a #NSNation Nutrisystem Blogger, I was chosen to try Nutrisystem and write about my experience. Nutrisystem is providing me with the My Way Plan at no cost to myself. This plan includes 28 days of nutritious and delicious food delivered right to your door to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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