I can’t figure it out! I don’t know how I did so well and now I am so easily thrown off track. I’m so frustrated with myself. I know I have a ton of excuses… lack of sleep, overload of work, family obligations, summer weather…. the list goes on and on. The truth is, there will always be excuses and I found a way around those excuses before. There’s no reason that I can’t do that again. I did great for over a month. I know I can finish my Nutrisystem trial on a strong note. I need to finish strong to give me the boost to keep going when my trial is over.

I’ve got some great food choices to work with this month. I’ve dropped the diet soda in favor of diet iced tea. There are mostly healthy snack and food choices remaining in the house thanks to solidarity from my husband and son. I have numerous sources of support… from emotional to fitness… at my disposal. I’m starting strong again. For me.

nutrisystem_bloggerbtnNote: As a #NSNation Nutrisystem Blogger, I was chosen to try Nutrisystem and write about my experience. Nutrisystem is providing me with the My Way Plan at no cost to myself. This plan includes 28 days of nutritious and delicious food delivered right to your door to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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