Sparkling Sun Jewels Ocean Friends: It’s probably no secret to those of you that have been following me for awhile, but I love working with Orb Factory. They have an amazing selection of crafty projects that range from simple sticker crafts to functional decorative boxes and everything in between. You can see some of my other Orb Factory reviews here.


I’m not unfamiliar with the Sticky Mosaics line, but this was my first time working with Sun Jewels. With summer coming, I was excited to see a new product that would take full advantage of the summer sun. The Sun Jewels kit creates five jeweled sea creatures that you can hang in a window.

I gathered my trusty helper… the four and a half year old little imp otherwise known as Xander or The Prince… and we dove into our project. Xander decided to start with the sea turtle. We worked on this first project together to get an idea of its difficulty.


First we needed to peel the cover off of the turtle to reveal the sticky places for the jewels to attach. I did have a few issues with the tacky stuff peeling right off leaving a spot where a jewel could no longer be applied. My advice is to take this step slowly. As you peel the cover, watch for any spots that start to peel up and rub them back down into the backing with your fingernail. Once you get past this step, it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

There’s a color-coded guide that lays behind the backing to show you which jewels go where. There are a few slots at strategic places to hold the backing in place, but I found it slipped frequently. Adding some clear tape along the edges helped a lot.


The jewel application takes some time and care, but it’s not so long of a project that your child will lose interest. There were a few frustrating moments when we ran out of some jewel types. We were short on pink and purple gems, but we were able to use other gem shapes to complete the look. I was a bit surprised, because we normally have plenty of extras in their kits.

The end result is quite pretty for a kids craft project. When I posted pictures for my friends and family to see, I had requests asking where to find the kits so they could get some too. These would be great for rainy day projects when the kids are getting antsy . It would also work at parties and sleepovers… there are five projects in each kit, so it could be shared.

Overall Rating of Sticky Mosaics Sun Jewels




Plush Craft Whale: I love doing these Plush Craft projects. It’s a simple no-sew project. You punch little squares of fabrics into the pillow using an included tool. It’s like paint-by-number, but with fabric. The project is fairly quick to do and fun for kids and adults. They have 5+ listed as the required age, but I think that ages 10+ would be most likely to enjoy this. It takes some patience… and at times strength to punch… that younger kids may not possess.


I’ve had some issues with the eye application on past pillows, but they’ve made improvements there that I think will add more longevity to the eye. Before, the eyes were just stuck on with sticky backing, but there is now velcro and a plastic piece punched into the pillow. The eye is much more secure than past projects… and what a pretty eye it is!


The end result is an adorable plush pillow thats great for display. They have a zoo of animals available, but I’m particularly loving this whale. They included some glittery fabric that makes her shimmer when he’s moved. Overall a great project that I recommend as a great gift or rainy day project.

Overall Rating of Plush Craft


See the Swim, Sun, and Fun event for a chance to win these kits!

Located in Halifax Nova Scotia, The Orb Factory is a provider of award winning crafts and activity products. With over 20 years in business, they are always creating brand new lines and exciting new products. They are now sold in over 60 countries, have won numerous awards, and have become a recognized and trusted name in the toy industry.

The Orb Factory believes in the power of play. They strive to produce toys that not only stimulate a child’s mind, but their creativity as well. Their kits allow children to lose themselves in a world of magic, imagination and artistic freedom.

  • Sparkling Sun Jewels Ocean Friends – Watch the sunshine sparkle with this whimsical window décor. Stick over 800 sparkling jewels to create shimmering shapes. Hang completed creations in your window to create an underwater scene. ($14.99)
  • Plush Craft Whale Pillow – Make a splash with this wonderful Whale pillow. Follow a numbered legend and use the stylus to punch pretty fabric pieces. No sewing required! ($16.99)

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