I am always excited to try new products for bettering my skin and holding off the signs of aging. As I’ve mentioned a few times in other reviews, I have very sensitive skin (particularly on my hands) after a burn injury many years ago. It can be tough to find products that are gentle on my hands but powerful enough to do what they promise for my face. When I realized that Oridel’s Liquid Gem™ Regenerating Face Oil contains two ingredients that I’ve had success with in the past (Sea Buckthorn Oil and Argan Oil) as well as a variety of other powerful ingredients, I was happy to give it a try. Oridel provided me with a full-size sample in exchange for my honest opinion.

I would describe my skin as combination. I have a definite t-zone of skin that is prone to oiliness, but my cheekbones can get so dry that they flake. I was a bit hesitant to apply an oil to my face, because my experience with oils in the past just left me with greasy-looking skin… even my dry cheekbones… but you know I must soldier on in the name of science… or reviews… or something…


I applied the oil twice daily; once after washing my face on waking and once just before bed. A very little amount of oil goes a long way. I’ve been using the product for nearly three weeks and the bottle is still well over three-quarters full. The scent is a bit intense for me, but something I am used to with other products that contain Sea Buckthorn. It fades within half an hour… faster if you’re applying makeup over it. It feels very light on the skin. It’s a little oily at first, but quickly absorbed into the skin.

I really enjoy using it after a mask. My face tends to feel a little bit tight and dry after a deep cleanse and the The Liquid Gem™ soothes it instantly. I am very curious how it would be after a sunburn or other skin irritation. Based on the effects after a mask, I think it would be very soothing and help the skin heal more quickly.

Below I have included a close-up before and after shot of the small lines around my eyes. As you can hopefully see, there has been improvement here. I wish I had better pictures for you, but there was a software update to my camera in between the before and after shots and the lighting/ coloration is very different. It’s so frustrating, because I can see a visible difference that just isn’t coming across in the photos!


It’s hard to tell the longer term effects just yet, but the short term effects have already been noticeable and I’m very happy. My skin feels silky smooth and soft. The dry spots of my cheekbones and the oily spots in my T-zone have all become a consistent soft, touchable texture. The new even texture of my skin has created a smoother overall look that people have noticed. It’s making me look a bit younger. I was starting to be mistaken for older than my 36 years, but now I’m told I look closer to 30. I’ll take that! My problematic pores appear to have shrunken only marginally, but Oridel does state that it can take a few months for those to be affected. Overall, my skin just simply looks better… and who would complain about that?!

The addition of the Citrine stone is both fun and functional. Crystals are believed to have healing powers… a belief backed with science. As Oridel points out in the product information, “Quantum physicists have scientifically proven that everything is composed of energy that is in a continuous state of interaction and many believe that there is the synergistic relationship between the earth’s precious minerals and botanicals, and that crystals have specific energies that emit vibrations which correspond to specific physical afflictions.” The Liquid Gem™ gets a boost of healing energy and you get a lovely Citrine stone as a reward for finishing your bottle.

This will be one of those reviews where I will need to come back at a later date and update. I received this review through Tomoson, so I am working under their time constraints to complete this review. I was only able to use the product for about three weeks, but the product information says that it can take up to three months for certain effects to take place. I will be continuing to use the product (there’s plenty of product to last me many weeks) and updating with my further impressions at a later date, so stay tuned! I hope I can provide you with clearer before and after photos at that time.

Pros: Truly works to give you overall better skin. Natural ingredients with proven results. Citrine gem boost botanicals and rewards you.

Cons: A little pricey, but lasts a long time. (Watch Amazon for great deals!)

Overall Rating


 Oridel‘s Liquid Gem™ Regenerating Face Oil uses the healing processes of natural botanicals to bring your skin a warm dewy glow that seems to shine from within. Just one pump from this bottle can significantly soothe your skin, and especially skin damaged by the application of drying retinol treatments or other medications. Yet it is light and refreshing, does not feel oily or heavy, and has been specifically formulated to have a pleasing aroma that won’t overpower the senses. Liquid Gem™ is a carefully balanced botanical blend of organic and chemicals-free oils and is one of our finest facial moisturizers. Liquid Gem™ uses superior quality oils known for their anti-inflammatory, healing, skin-soothing, softening, and anti-aging properties. This is a potent deep penetrating blend for reducing the signs of dry and aging skin. Each bottle of this liquid facial moisturizer also contains a faceted Citrine stone to enhance the powers of the botanicals.

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