This afternoon, we had to take our younger cat Selune in to the local emergency pet clinic. She had been a bit under the weather for about two days, but I attributed it to a bad case of hairballs. The weather has been crazy and both cats have been shedding up a storm. When she started vomiting green bile then I got scared.

After several hours in the clinic and a round of x-rays later, we discovered that she has a large obstruction in her intestines. By the density of it, it appears to be plastic or foam. I’m guessing the culprit is the new foam “wood” pieces that came with the toy construction bench that we purchased for Xander. She kept chewing on the pieces. I thought I had the all out of her reach, but she is persistent and kept finding ways to get to them. They’re now in the trash. (We’d send them to Goodwill, but they have teeth marks all over.)

Selune needs to have surgery to remove the obstruction. I barely held it together until I hung up with the veterinarian… then I burst into tears. She’s like one of our kids. She will be fine. I believe that. But… anytime anyone close to me goes for surgery, I worry. Siberians are very sensitive to anesthesia. I tried to make this clear to as many people as possible at the clinic. I hope they listened.

Her surgery should be going on now. I just want to get the call that she’s out of surgery and she’s doing great.

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