I am writing up the pattern for the upcoming sock and testing it out, but I thought I’d ease the wait with a quick and simple scarf project. Now is a great time to start knitting up those holiday gifts!

diagonalPattern Link: Diagonal Garter Stitch Scarf pdf

Needles: Size 4 (3.50 mm) straight or circular

Notes: You can adjust the width of the scarf by knitting more or fewer stitches. The finished edges of your beginning triangle (the two edges that do not have live stitches) give a close indication of how wide your scarf will be when complete.

Tip: When you complete the first section, weigh the bit of scarf you have completed. This will take away some of the guess work and give you an approximation of how much yarn you need to complete the decrease section.

Other Yarn Weights: The same pattern can be easily used for other yarn weights. Work the same as for sock weight yarn… just replace the 45 sts in the increase section with your desired number of stitches. For worsted weight yarn, 33 to 35 stitches works well. For bulky weight yarns, recommend anywhere from 25 to 29. There should always be an odd number of stitches.

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