A space in the garden to put a seating area is essential. It gives us an extra place to relax and dine outside when the weather is nice, and allows us to be able to entertain guests. Whether you have a little money to spend or a lot, here are some ideas for perfect patio areas for your space.

Gravel Patio (Budget- Small to Medium)

If you’re on a shoestring budget but need a place in the garden to put a seating area, a gravel patio is a good way to go. Best of all, it’s reasonably simple to do yourself so you’ll save on labor costs. You’ll need to start by excavating the area, and digging down about four inches. Then place a landscape barrier down, which will separate the gravel from the mud. Line the outer edge of the trench with bricks or pressure treated waterproof timber to hold everything in, and finally, add the gravel. You can get all different kinds from pea gravel to slate chippings to various colored rocks and stones.

Paved Patio (Budget- Medium to Large)

Concrete patios are some of the most common, but for good reason. Paving slabs are hardwearing, require very little maintenance and will pretty much last a lifetime. They give you a sturdy and solid surface to put your table and chairs. A quick blast with a pressure washer now and again to remove any buildup and some weedkiller between the cracks will keep it looking beautiful. You could buy the materials yourself and DIY this if you’re quite a handy person, don’t forget to level out the ground and put down a weed barrier first. Alternatively, you could hire patio pavers to take care of it all for you. For larger budgets, you could choose more elaborate paving designs and different materials for a luxurious finish.

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Decked Patio (Budget- Large to Very Large)

Decking is another fantastic option, although it can be on the pricier side. The materials you use and the fitting cost mean it’s not likely to be a cheap option, but looks stunning if you have a little more to spend. Tropical hardwoods such as Massaranduba, tigerwood and Philippine mahogany are great higher end options. These types of wood are very durable and naturally resistant to rot and insects, although they will of course come with a higher price tag. Composite decking, which is a mixture of wood and plastic is also worth considering as it lasts forever and requires no maintenance. You could go all out with your decking and add sunken lights and a high-end balustrade to finish it off.

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Natural Stone (Budget- Very Large)

Natural stone flooring such as limestone, marble and granite tiles can look super high end- and make a fabulous patio choice if you have a bigger budget. Find a company who specializes in fitting these kinds of materials for the best finish. Another very easy to maintain option, these would just need mopping down the same way you would with tiles in the home.

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