Details: Introducing the CarPET Scratch Stopper™: the first effective device ever created to instantly prevent cats from scratching the carpet at doorways.

Its unique, patent pending design is specifically tailor-shaped to fit within the doorway, while it also contours around the corners, effectively protecting the most common cat scratch targeted areas.

The CarPET Scratch Stopper is made of durable plastic material and is equipped with grippers at the bottom surface that helps prevent it from moving, and the top is a non-slippery surface.

The CarPET Scratch Stopper is easy to use. Simply place it in your doorway with the device facing the carpet you want to protect and close the door. Your cat will be unable to grip onto the surface and slide off when scratching is attempted, immediately stopping the destructive behavior.

If you are tired of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on carpet repair and replacement, The CarPET Scratch Stopper is a must have!

Suggested Retail Price: $24.95 (Current special allows for half off the second item when you buy one at full price.)

Personal Experience: I received a complimentary CarPET Scratch Stopper for the purpose of this review. It arrived in a flat, strong shipping box without excess packaging. (This is a big plus for me. I often receive small items in huge boxes and it drives me crazy!) I was overwhelmed with a skunk-y odor when I opened the box. It’s the typical smell of fresh plastic, but it was very intense. I left the Stopper out to air for a couple of days before placing it on our carpet.

I decided to use this on our biggest problem spot at the transition between our family room and our spare guest room. The cats are almost desperate to get in there because we never let them in that room. As a result, they have been systematically trying to dig their way in… and destroying the carpet in the process.



Installation was easy. Just drop it in place in the doorway. After placing the CarPET Scratch Stopper, the cats have not even attempted to go near that door. It’s amazing! The Stopper has also done a great job of attractively concealing the existing damage until we can replace the carpet… and it will go right back in place once we do.

The Stopper has gripper feet on the underside. I was concerned that it would slip on our floor, because half of it is over hardwood… but it held fast. If you’ve ever used one of those floor mats for under a desk chair, you’ll be very familiar with the material and grips used in the CarPET Scratch Stopper.


Grips on Underside

My only two complaints were the initial odor of the plastic and the fit. I measured my doorway and chose my size based on that, but it ran a little short. There was a gap over about an inch to each side of the mat in the doorway. With multiple available sizes, I had expected a more custom fit. It’s for these reasons that I deducted one star from my rating. It may have been an error on my part when it came to measuring, but my advice is to measure your doorways carefully and check product dimensions before making your selections.

Close-Up of the Gap

Close-Up of the Gap

Pros: Deterred the cats from scratching, as promised. Available in multiple sizes. Heavyweight and sturdy. Clear plastic will suit any decor. Will not damage carpet. 5 Year warranty.

Cons: Skunky smell to the plastic but it went away in about two days. Sizing seemed off, but I may have measured incorrectly.

Overall Rating


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