NewmanscatsDetails: Newman’s Own Organics cat products are a unique blend of proteins, whole grains, vitamins and minerals that maximize palatability, digestibility and nutrient assimilation. They carefully select ingredients for their extraordinary nutritional value to help promote the vitality and longevity of your cats. They are complete and balanced and formulated to exceed the nutrient requirements established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrient Profiles.

Personal Experience: I had worked with Newman’s Own Organics previously on a review of a huge sampler of their “people food” products. I sampled, and greatly enjoyed, everything from chocolate bars to pretzels… so I was excited to let our cats in on the fun and jumped at the chance to review a sampling of Newman’s products for cats.


I can’t personally tell you how they tasted. (Sorry. I’m weird, but not that weird. LOL) I had to trust the reaction of my two furry taste-testers, Pandora and Selune. I did what any responsible pet owner would do when introducing a new food… I mixed the new in with their usual to slowly accustom their stomachs to the new food. They both proceeded to pick out every piece of the Newman’s and leave their old food behind! We were off to a good start. 🙂


Next up to sample was the canned foods. Visually, they were not the most appealing… but cat food never really does look all that appetizing, does it? The cats appeared to have mixed opinions on the flavors they sampled. Our dainty eater, Selune, loved that liver selection so much that I swear I heard her snort while she was inhaling it. She would ordinarily nibble a little and come back later, but she polished off her share and licked the dish clean. Pandora also ate all of her own portion, but she has always been the glutton of the two.

We saw similar reactions to the other flavors as well, so it was rather surprising when Pandora only nibbled at the Chicken and Brown Rice selection. It took her several trips back to the dish before she finished it. Selune took a few bites and never returned to it. With this one exception, I believe that both cats would give their overall approval.

From a pet owner perspective, the ingredients are high-quality, high protein, and low grain. The ingredients and nutritional stats were comparable to the much more expensive brand that we regularly feed our cats… and that’s not an organic brand. In today’s economy, it is great to know that we can still keep our pets’ health a priority and that there is a quality organic pet food available at a more reasonable cost.

Pros: Quality, organic food that pets love to eat. Reasonably-priced for the quality. Readily available… even at Walmart! Formulas for dogs and cats. Dog treats available.

Cons: Don’t forget the cats like treats too! Some flavors may not be as appealing, but remember that we’re taking the opinions of cats. Cats are always opinionated. 😉

Overall Rating


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