The Sim gods knew that something was missing in the lives of their people. They had each other, but home is not complete without a furry friend to share it with. While Journey was a wee toddler, Cats and Dogs moved on into town.


Slade and Trinity adopted two pets for their household… one cat and one dog. Cosmo the cat was an overweight Bengal cat in a pizza sweater. Tara was an Australian Shepherd with eyes so pale blue they looked almost white. (She was based on my real-life Tara from when I was a teen.)


Cosmo was so full of character right from the start! He had no qualms about sleeping anywhere or getting into anything he pleased. It was a full-time job just keeping Cosmo from destroying furniture and eating the Sims’ food. He also enjoyed an occasional ride on the robo-vac.

Tara was affectionate and loyal. She learned new tricks quickly and Slade was more than willing to teach her new tricks in his free time. Tara loved to go for walks more than anything. One or the other of her family was always taking her for a quick walk or a nice long jog around the city.


There was a special bond between Tara and Journey. Tara followed Journey everywhere and was always ready for a toddler hug. As they grew, so did the bond. Tara even moved with Journey when she left home… but we’ll get into that next time. 😉

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