We were finally able to replace our Kindle a few weeks ago and it made all three of us very happy! I didn’t realize how much I missed reading my books on it and how convenient it was for doing quick online tasks. The Prince loves to play with a variety of fun apps. They have so many incredible apps for toddlers that have enforced the things we teach him… and even taught him things we didn’t think he was ready to grasp yet! My husband and I both appreciate how much it calms him down before bed. It also gives us an even larger collection of kid’s storybooks to choose from at bedtime.

Here’s our Prince reading a storybook before bed…


I used PicMonkey once again for editing. I applied the Polaroid effect and then the Polaroid frame using their default settings. It automatically crops the picture to a square and it just happened to line up perfectly. Maybe I have an odd sense of humor, but I found the old Polaroid effect rather amusing combined with the high-tech modern device. 🙂

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