This post is long overdue… not because I took it a long time ago and forgot to post, but because it is something we have needed for about six years and we finally got it. New furniture! A local company that has been around for many, many years is going out of business. They are selling off their existing stock at insanely low prices. We got an entire set… sofa, love seat, chair, and ottoman… for about 70% off the original cost. We probably would have never been able to afford such a nice set at regular price, so we were thrilled to find such a steal!


We just need to figure out if we can get a table or two to work with our odd layout. We also definitely need new lamps and some fresh paint. Anyone have any ideas on what color paint would work best? I thought of a red similar to that in the pillow, but we have a tapestry of about that shade (actually a bit more maroon in color) that we’d like to keep in the room. I also like my curtains (light tan color) and they go well with the furniture. The wood trim in the room, when we get to painting, will eventually all be white and the floors will be a dark woodgrain.

I know that some people will probably find this to be bragging or something. I seem to always have at least one family member say it when we get something new, which is frustrating. I love having nice things. Who doesn’t? But, I don’t “show off” because it’s nice… I love to share when we get these amazing deals. Kind of like when I got a huge payout for doing a survey during the Olympics and used the money to replace our dying range. It was like getting it for nearly free, because the survey took so little work.

You know what? I don’t think I care if I’m bragging… at least I’m doing it from beautiful and comfortable furniture! 🙂

Oh, photo editing was done with PicMonkey. Just a few little crops and color correction and then all placed in a collage.