{Pinteresting} Hand-Print Ornaments

Last year, I decided I wanted to make special keepsakes for my son’s grandparents. I came across an adorable ornament that featured snowpeople made from a child’s fingerprints. I showed it to Ross and he instantly liked it. We knew we had found our project.


It proved to be a little more difficult than I expected. We scoured the holiday decoration sections of five store before we finally came across the right size to fit my son’s one-year-old little hands. We may have had better success if we got started on the search a bit earlier in the season. I thought the difficult part was over there, but getting a baby to cooperate with having his hand dipped in white paint and then pressed onto a glass ball was no picnic. It’s a good thing we thought to buy a few extra balls just in case!

I let each dry completely propped upside down on the tops of baby food jars. (We had plenty then!)

The hard part was over there and the real fun began… turning his little fingerprints into snow families! Using fine-tip markers, I drew on hats, scarves, stick arms, hair, and the like to give each snow person personality. I even made the thumbprints into snow dogs.


They were a huge hit with their recipients. I was told by more than one that I was expected to make another the next year. I made plans to do just that, but then I came across a photo circulating the internet of a hand-print snowman. I decided then that I would try to one-up last year’s creations!


The dough was incredibly simple to make. My hand-print maker was a lot more cooperative this year, too. :) Xander wanted to keep pressing his hands into the dough even after I had a clean print. The baking process was easy, but long. I do wish I had done the ornaments a bit thinner, because they started to bubble a bit and it left a large imperfection on the back side. The thinnest one came out best.

hand1 handmess   

My painting skills were a bit lacking, but the overall effect was nice. I needed only white, red, and black paint. I simply painted the entire hand (front, back, and side) in white and then followed up with a second coat of white. After that I mixed a very pale pink to use for the peach tone of his face. Then I painted the red hat. When that layer was completely dry, I applied accents in black and a little red nose.


I thought the ornaments needed a little something extra-special, so I grabbed a bag of assorted white pom poms and applied some along the brim and at the tip of Santa’s hat. It added dimension without distracting too much from Xander’s prints. The project was finished off with a coat of spray-on sealer and a golden cord. One Santa has already found his home on Nana’s tree.


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  1. This is adorable! I am going to have to make these w/my kids for Christmas 2014. I love homemade ornaments!


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