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Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

Have you ever noticed that often the simplest concepts provide the best results? That is definitely the case with the new Catch and Learn game from PlaSmart. By keeping the game simple, they leave so much room for you to play your own way. Let me explain…

Catch and Learn is an educational game for kids. It comes with a retractable fish catcher with an attached magnetic worm, ten dry-erase fish-shaped cards in a variety of sizes and colors, and a dry-erase marker. The instructions offer a few suggestions, but there are really no rules to this game… you create the game!

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

We first played the game to practice math. While Xander wasn’t looking, I created simple math problems on half of the fish and their coordinating answers on the other half of the fish. I spread them out on the floor and called Xander over. He used the fishing tool to first “hook” a math problem and then to hook its solution. Not only was he learning and reviewing math skills, but he also had to learn to control the line to catch his fish just right. He begged to play more, so we fished for some sight words. Here was simply finding the word that I asked him to find. He still couldn’t get enough! Next, we moved on to spelling. I thought of several words that I knew he could spell and tried to find several that shared some letters. I dropped all the letters out on the floor and then asked him to spell words I would recite. This was his favorite version of the game.

I could see this being a great way to practice skills for preschool and early grade school ages. We’ll certainly be using it a lot!

The only fault I can personally find is in the number of fish cards available. I would love if the game came with double (or more) cards. Extra cards would mean we could spell out bigger words or not have to write and erase as often. Maybe we can eventually buy extra fish as an expansion of sorts, PlaSmart? Hint. Hint. 😉

Pros: Makes learning fun. Can be used for multiple subjects. Sturdily made.

Cons: Not enough fish cards.

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